Unicorn Chase by lockjaw

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Where were you? by pageboy

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Get To Know Me: Favourite Movies [1/5]  → The Last Unicorn

“Then why do the leaves never fall here? Or the snow? Why is it always spring here? I tell you there is one unicorn left in the world, and as long as it lives in this forest we’ll find no game to hunt here. […] Stay where you are, poor beast! This is no world for you. Stay in your forest and keep your trees green and your friends protected. And good luck to you, for you are the last. ”

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Acknowledge how cool this is

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The Last Unicorn by Abigail Larson, as tweeted by Peter S Beagle.

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Day14: Anime that never gets old no matter how many times you’ve rewatched it - The Last Unicorn

I have always had this movie as far as I can remember - first my parents recorded it for me then we bought it on vhs. I treasure the tape a lot because on the dvd the translation of the lyrics are slightly different and it bothers me so much:D I love everything about this movie, the animation, the music, every single thing. I watched it so many times I know the dialogues by heart.
(I would like to thank Peter S. Beagle for writing this amazing story (and many others too))

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"Your pardon, Sooz. I keep taking you for a child. Yes. One unicorn. He has not seen her since he became king, but he is what he is because of her. And when I speak that word, when Molly or I say her name - which I have not done yet - then he is recalled to himself." He paused for a moment, and then added, very softly, "As we had so often to do for her, so long ago."

- The hardest thing about reading Two Hearts is something we didn’t understand with TLU. Death takes us all and it is in the form of dementia where it is the saddest and when you read about Lir’s dementia it puts the entire series on a whole new level of tragic. (via lilacwoodlands)

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Almost done with my Last Unicorn fanart.

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snaps of the magical journey my thigh went on today (yeah I changed dresses after I cleaned it because the seam in the one I was wearing was a little too rough and I didn’t like it) also just realized the stencil picture and the finished lines are IN THE WRONG ORDER that’s gonna bug me

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-TLU Cel’s I’ve seen for sale in the past few months - 

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(I’ve been trying to find a source/artist for this image but have been unable to find one so far (everything leads back to pintrest/weheartit) If anyone knows who this is by, please do let me know!) 

Thanks to bioluminescent-mushroom for finding the artist!

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Collection photo: One of our most expensive and most loved cels from the Last Unicorn.

(via Acetate Addiction - The last Unicorn)

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My favorite shot of my Last Unicorn (“gijinka”) cosplay at AniNite

The belt and shoulder gauntlets show various parts of the story: leaving the forest (belt), midnight carnival (belt), transformation (belt front), prince Lír (shoulder), the Red Bull (shoulder)

Photo by Gelo Photography
Cosplay/Design/Model: me [follow me]
Book/Story: Peter S. Beagle

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Molly Grue from “The Last Unicorn” by Peter S. Beagle, wip

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