Sketch Dailies: Unicorn

I actually drew The Last Unicorn for the 30 Day Challenge as well  but I seriously couldn’t help myself. I love that animation. 

"You can find the others if you are brave. They passed down all the roads long ago, and the Red Bull ran close behind them and covered their footprints."

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The Last Unicorn 2014 Canadian Tour Trailer

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The Last Unicorn featured in Fantasy Empire magazine, September 1984

decided to take photos of some of my collection today. I’m really in love with the art they used for this article ;w;

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So I made a Magic The Gathering deck based around Peter S. Beagle’s The Last Unicorn. Art from the graphic novel, concept art, and fanart. Printed slips cover the card they represent. 

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I’m in love with this poster

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The first non-Disney, non-hero (though I don’t really think of him as a villain either), Hot Dad!

The immortal King Haggard.

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The Raven is out (and we have some really good news)


Covered in this last-minute Raven:

-Santa Cruz gets a visit from Peter and The Last Unicorn on Sunday (tomorrow!)

-We kick off the Canadian tour (and ask if we can stay at your house)

And we have NEWS for the unbelievably patient fans who are waiting for copies of The Last Unicorn audio book and the illustrated Two Hearts. (In case you missed it, the illustrator for the book is John Howe.


He’s been very busy working on a film you might be familiar with…


If you don’t know what film, here’s a hint: This is a picture with John, Alan Lee and Peter Jackson.)

 So go check out The Raven!

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The Bridge Partner


Peter’s short story The Bridge Partner is being adapted into a short film. The Kickstarter to fund the project just launched HERE.

The story even passes the Bechdel Test with flying colors.

The rewards are geared toward lots of backer involvement in the film and lots of cool stuff signed by Peter.

Go forth and fund!

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and she was the last….

so glad i got to do this one! <3

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The Last Unicorn, 1982, promotional materials.

sorry for the bad scans. click for full size!

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The Last Unicorn promotional binder page, 1982 ITC Films and Universal City Studios.

this piece looks so amazing in person! aaaahhh, I’m always so excited to find things like this…

I’m Jealous… .

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i was innocent and wise, and full of pain

did the “draw this again” thing with an old drawing from three years ago.

i really love the last unicorn more than literally anything else

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Throwback Thursday!
Back in 2010, I made the Unicorn and Red Bull for a ‘The Last Unicorn’ themed art show. They’re still two of my favorite things I’ve made to this day.
(They both have movable jointed arms, probably my favorite part)

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One of my first Illustrations after I decided to go into art

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Summer 2013- Old, unfinished thing. Illustration from the Last Unicorn.

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